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Salvia confertiflora - Red Velvet Sage

Salvia confertiflora is not that particular about light conditions. This is particularly nice when trying to find plants that just get a little protection from trees. Salvia confertiflora seems most happy with high shade. Red Velvet Sage is native to Brazil. Salvia confertiflora survived a dose of the low 20°'s without significant damage. I gave it a hard pruning regardless because of the new shoots coming out on the lower parts of the branches. Salvia confertiflora almost always seems to have a few blooms and many times a lot. The Red Velvet Sage gets to be about 8 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Salvia confertiflora flowers hold well as a cut flower. In spite of the large tropical leaves Red Velvet Sage is fairly drought tolerant. Salvia confertiflora is a good plant for the butterfly garden as well as the hummingbird garden.

Salvia confertiflora

Flowers and foliage of Salvia confertiflora, Red Velvet Sage.