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Salvia cacaliaefolia - Ivy Leaf Sage or Blue Vine Sage

Salvia cacaliaefolia has lush green foliage and near true blue flowers. You will likely also find this plant with the spelling Salvia cacaliifolia. Salvia cacaliaefolia blooms Summer and Fall until a hard frost. I find that I need to prune the Ivy Leaf Sage to near the ground to keep that lush growth looking lush. Ivy Leaf Sage comes back from below ground shoots. The old growth gets woody, gray and nearly stops growing while the new shoots grow on through. When Salvia cacaliaefolia gets tip pruned repeatedly over a long period this sage starts to look awful unless pruned drastically. I have lost the Blue Vine Sage with frosts in the low 20's. Salvia cacaliaefolia seems to look its best in full sun at the coast and light shade inland. Salvia cacaliaefolia is a native to the mountains of southern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras at elevations ranging between 5,000 to 8,000 feet.

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Salvia cacaliaefolia, Ivy Leaf Sage, Blue Vine Sage