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Rosa laevigata ~ Cherokee Rose Introduce in 1759

Rosa laevigata came to America around 1780. The native range of Rosa laevigata is from China south through Vietnam. The Cherokee Rose's beauty has captured almost as many as its thorns. Rosa laevigata has become the Georgia state flower. The Cherokee Rose became symbolic with the plight of the Cherokee's during thier forced march out of the South. Rosa laevigata is a large rambunctious plant, sprawling and sending arching canes in every direction. Plants grow to 6 feet or more tall and almost as wide as you will let them. Rosa laevigata primarily blooms in the Spring but repeats in the Fall if conditions are reasonable. Rosa laevigata can be treated as a rambler or as a climber. There are two pink forms of Rosa laevigata, a pale pink "Anemone" and a darker Pink "Ramona". Rosa laevigata is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

High resolution images of Rosa laevigata are available.

Rosa laevigata, Cherokee Rose