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Rosa hugonis ~ Father Hugo's Rose, Golden Rose of China (syn. Rosa xanthina forma hugonis) 1899

Rosa hugonis was introduced to horticulture in 1899 at Kew Garden. Seeds came from Northern China sent by Father Hugo Scallan. Rosa hugonis has undergone a name change to Rosa xanthina forma hugonis. Rosa hugonis is very successful in our gardens, clay soil or rocky soil, wet garden or dry. The one time I moved a plant, it came back from the roots. It is slow to root sprout but The Golden Rose of China can be a little invasive. Rosa hugonis grows 4-8 feet tall and about as wide as tall. We have had little problem with disease or pests. There is one profuse late Spring bloom and a few repeat blossoms, particularly in the Fall. Rosa hugonis is quite spiny and can be used as a hedge or screen. Rosa hugonis is Winter hardy to zone 5. Rosa hugonis is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

High resolution images of Rosa hugonis are available.

Rosa hugonis, Father Hugo's Rose, Golden Rose of China