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Verbascum chaixii album - Nettle Leaved Mullein

Verbascum chaixii album is a showy perennial. Nettle Leaved Mullein with its white spires of flowers with purple anthers blooms from late Spring through to Fall. Verbascum is easily grown from seed. This is a double edged issue as Verbascum is also a common weed. Verbascum chaixii album will grow in full sun to light shade in good soil or bad. While it will not look like much in the Summer without irrigation Verbascum chaixii album will often survive on a pretty lean irrigation diet if planted in the fall. Verbascum chaixii album is winter hardy to well below what California is likely to dish out. Verbascum chaixii album is a good choice for attracting Monarchs and Swallowtail butterflies.

Verbascum chaixii album, Nettle Leaved Mullein

A spire of white flowers with purple anthers Verbascum chaixii album - Nettle Leaved Mullien. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.