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Venegasia carpesioides - Canyon Sunflower

Venegasia carpesioides is found in the oak woodlands and stream banks, not too far from shade, moisture, and the coast. With its lush green growth it can visually cool a section of the garden. Canyon Sunflower will take a summer drought but looks miserable often dieing back to the ground. With the addition of just a little water it will bloom all year. A 20° F cold snap burnt the Canyon Sunflower back but it recovered completely. As long as Venegasia carpesioides is growing it is blooming, the primary blooming periods are spring and the cool portion of the late Fall and early Winter. Venegasia carpesioides is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden where it attracts Painted Lady and Variable Checkerspot Butterflies.

Venegasia carpesioides the Canyon Sunflower

Lush green foliage and yellow flower - Venegasia carpesioides - Canyon Sunflower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.