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Syringa X hyacinthiflora California Rose ~ Lilac California Rose

Syringa x hyacinthiflora California Rose has performed quite well in our gardens.  The Lilac California Rose can grow to 15-20 feet and spread to 10 feet or more.  Syringa California Rose will grow in full sun to light shade, and seems to prefer a little high shade protection away from the coast.  Syringa California Rose blooms from the late Winter through Early Spring.   The pale lilac pink flower clusters can grow to 10 long.  The Lilac California Rose prefers regular water and good drainage, but has persisted in gardens near the coast and inland valleys without supplemental  irrigation and still bloomed gloriously.  Syringa California Rose is one of the Descanso Hybrid Lilac's bred to bloom in  low chill gardens in California.  Syringa California Rose is Winter hardy to zone 3

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Syringa California Rose, Lilac 

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