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Stachys albotomentosa Hildago * Hildago Stachys

Stachys albotomentosa Hildago grows to 18" tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. The soft gray foliage is a nice compliment to the silver and gray garden. The fragrant foliage smells like 7-up. Stachys albotomentosa Hildago is in bloom from Spring through Fall if there is regular irrigation, though the Hildago Stachys will subsist on much less. The sage-like salmon-red flowers make the plant a great choice for the hummingbird garden and the butterfly garden. Stachys albotomentosa Hildago is native to Mexico and will grow in full sun near the coast and performs better with at least partial shade in hotter inland gardens. Hildago Stachys is Winter hardy into the mid 20°s F and will come back from the roots in somewhat more extreme conditions.

High resolution photots of Stachys albotomentosa Hildago are part of our garden image collection.

Stachys albotomentosa Hildago 

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