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Rhynchelytrum nerviglume - Ruby Grass

Rhynchelytrum nerviglume, the Ruby Grass is a great plant for naturalizing in the garden. When the plumes are backlit the plants can be spectacular. Ruby Grass requires very little assistance from the gardener. That is almost always a good trait in my opinion. The Ruby Grass will grow to about a foot tall including the plumes. I allow Rhynchelytrum nerviglume to grow in areas of the yard that are not irrigated, and encourage them along walkways. The Ruby Grass is not particularly invasive though there will be a few seedlings around the plants. Rhynchelytrum nerviglume has a new name that is gradually being used in nursery catalogs - Melinis nerviglumis.

Rhynchelytrum nerviglume, Ruby Grass

Pink-red flower heads of Rhynchelytrum nerviglume - Ruby Grass. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.