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Quercus garryana - Oregon Oak, Garry Oak

Quercus garryana grows in the northern 2/3 of California up to an elevation of 6000 feet near the Southern limit of its range. Oregon Oak has 3 varieties Quercus garryana var garryana is a tree that grows to 60 feet. Quercus garryana is primarily found in the northern part of the state. Quercus garryana var. breweri is a shrub to 15 feet and is primarily found in the Siskiyou mountains. Quercus garryana is drought tolerant. The leaves are deciduous, the acorns short and rounded with a small cap. Quercus garryana is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar

Quercus garryana, Oregon Oak, Garry Oak in Spring

Spring foliage of Quercus garryana - Oregon Oak. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Quercus garryana, Oregon Oak, Garry Oak

Fall Foliage and acorns of Quercus garryana - Oregon Oak.

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