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Pyrostegia venusta - Flame Vine

Pyrostegia venusta thrives in sandy soil near the coast. I have grown the Flame Vine in clay soil and it was sickly. It is not hardy to serious chill though it will survive a dip into the 20°s F. Pyrostegia venusta will bloom some throughout the year, but the best show is in the late Fall when little else is happening in the garden. That makes the show from the Flame Vine even more commanding. Pyrostegia venusta can be almost completely covered with these brilliant orange flowers. Pyrostegia venusta also goes by the common names of Flame Flower, Flaming Trumpet, and Golden Shower Vine. The Flame Vine is native to Brazil and Paraguay.

Flame Vine, Pyrostegia venusta

Brilliant orange flowers of Pyrostegia venusta - Flame Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.