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Prunus andersonii - Desert Peach

Prunus andersonii grows in the high desert and can frequently be found on the Eastern side of the Sierras into Nevada between 3000 and 8500 feet elevation. The Desert Peach has pink blooms in the Spring and produces fruit during a wet year and Almond-like nuts during a dry year. The bark of Prunus andersonii was used medicinally. The fruit can be made into jam. Prunus andersonii grows 4-6 feet tall and gradually spreads by underground rhizomes. The Desert Peach goes Summer deciduous in its native habitat. Prunus andersonii requires good drainage and minimal irrigation after the first Summer. The plants are Winter hardy in USDA zone 5.

High resolution photos of Prunus andersonii are part of our garden image collection.

Prunus andersonii, Desert Peach, Desert Almond