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Phygelius African Queen - African Queen Cape Fuchsia

Phygelius x rectus African Queen has been sturdy as well as floriferous. Phygelius African Queen will tolerate full sun near the coast but seems to prefer a little shade for inland gardens. The Cape Fuchsias do best on a leaner water diet. Phygelius African Queen grows to 3 feet high, gradually spreading by underground runners. Cape Fuchsia plants are hardy into the mid 20°'s. The striking salmon flower with yellow throats are plenty of reward, the hummingbirds think so. Phygelius African Queen is a potential larval food source for the Common Buckeye Butterfly and the Variable Checkerspot and could be a nice addition to your butterfly garden.

Phygelius African Queen, African Queen Cape Fuchsia

Salmon flowers of Phygelius African Queen - African Queen Cape Fuchsia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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