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Parkinsonia Desert Museum - Thornless Palo Verde

Parkinsonia X Desert Museum is graceful and colorful in the California landscape. These small-medium sized trees grow to 25 feet and are very drought tolerant once established. The trees will drop their leaves and photosynthesize through the bark and branches. The cultivar Desert Museum is a thornless hybrid between the native and naturalized Parkinsonia species (P. aculeata, P. microphyllum, and P. floridum). The Thornless Mexican Palo Verde works well as a street tree. I have found that trees in landscape conditions often grow too fast and dense and require moderate thinning to keep them from breaking themselves down. Parkinsonia X Desert Museum is winter hardy when temperatures drop into the mid teens.

High resolution photos of Parkinsonia Desert Museum are part of our garden image collection.

Parkinsonia Desert Museum