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Mourning Cloak Butterfly - Nymphalis antiopa

The Mourning Cloak Butterflies can be in our California gardens much of the year, they are one of the longer lived butterflies lasting up to 12 months. They do not migrate, but often hibernate under bark and in tree cavities. The Mourning Cloak Butterflies live in North America and Europe. Willows, Poplar, and Wild Roses are all larval food sources. Mourning Cloak Butterflies do well in the contact area between trees and shrubs and open space. This Mourning Cloak is on a Sally Holmes Rose. Adults are attracted to Butterfly Bushes (Buddleia) and will pollinate some but adults feed more on sap and decaying plant material.

Mourning Cloak Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa

Mourning Cloak Butterfly resting on a Sally Holmes rose flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.