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Mahonia trifoliata - Trifoliate Barberry

Mahonia trifoliata is a great plant for attracting birds and gardeners alike. The Trifoliate Barberry blooms with yellow flowers Winter into Spring and produces numerous translucent orange turning to red berries in the late Spring. Western Bluebirds and Phainopeplas both love the berries. Mahonia trifoliata is native from West Texas to Arizona and into Mexico. The Trifoliate Barberry will grow in full sun to light shade. The leaves are rather prickley so it is best to plant this back a bit from garden traffic. Mahonia trifoliata grows to 6 feet tall and wide. Mahonia trifoliata is Winter hardy into the single digits. This plant can also be found as Berberis trifoliata.

Mahonia trifoliata, Trifoliate Barberry

Red turning to grey leaves of Mahonia trifoliata - Trifoliate Barberry. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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