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Loropetalum chinense - Fringe Flower

Loropetalum chinense is a great screening plant. This shrub will slowly grow to 8 feet or more tall and wide. Fringe Flower will grow in sun or shade and a variety of soils. Loropetalum chinense prefers to be kept on the dry side, which makes this an ideal plant for the shade garden under oaks. It seems like Loropetalum chinense always has some white blossoms, though there are fewer in the winter. The Witch Hazel is tolerant of temperatures into the low teens. Loropetalum chinense drops most or all of its leaves if the temperatures drop that low.

Loropetalum chinense, Witch Hazel

White frilly flowers of Loropetalum chinense - Fringe Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.