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Leptodactylon californicum - Prickley Phlox

Leptodactylon californicum has a common name that is particularly appropriate. The tips of the leaves are quite sharp. Prickley Phlox grows to about 2 feet tall and wide. Leptodactylon californicum is native to rocky outcrops from San Luis Obispo County through to Orange County. Leptodactylon californicum is most often found on an east or west facing exposure wedged into a clay bed between layers of rock. It is a little to dark on the North side, though I have seen them there a few times and too hot on the South. Dry Summer conditions are essential for garden success. Transplanting of native plants is rarely successful, particularly with this one. Far better to wait for a sale at a native's specialty nursery. Leptodactylon californicum puts on an extraordinary late Winter and early Spring show of pink flowers.

Leptodactylon californicum, Prickley Phlox

Pink flowers with white centers Leptodactylon californicum - Prickley Phlox. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.