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Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey - Goodwin Creek Lavender

Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey is noted for the silvery foliage and dark purple flowers. Goodwin Creek Lavender is free flowering, even during the Winter in mild climates. Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey requires decent drainage and does best in a low water garden once established. Goodwin Creek Lavender looks best when the dead flowers are removed and when the second year foliage is cut out from under the new growth. Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey grows 2 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Lavandula Goodwin Creek attracts a variety of butterflies to the garden including Gray Hairstreak, Fiery Skipper, Mournful Duskywing, Sara Orangetip, and the California Dogface Butterfly. Goodwin Creek Lavender is Winter hardy into the low teens, foliage will be damaged in mid-teens.

Lavendula Goodwin Creek

Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.