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Juglans californica - California Walnut

Juglans californica naturally grows as a large shrub, eventually becomming a really large one, or maybe just a tree. It takes a little work to make the California Walnut look like a tree, and to keep the suckers trimmed off. Fortunately it is a pleasant task as the fresh cut wood and foliage smell great. The California Walnut can grow up to 50 feet tall, but is more commonly closer to 20-25 feet. Juglans californica produces catkins in the spring months, primarily in April and May. The California Walnuts are ready to collect in mid August. If you are late to collect them they will likely already be eaten by the squirrels. Juglans californica has a beautiful yellow Fall display as it loses its leaves. The walnuts are quite edible. The California walnuts are smaller than the cultivated varieties and it will require much more effort to break them open. The California Walnut grows on stream banks and on the margins of oak woodlands. Juglans californica will grow in a spindly fashion if it is planted in the shade of other trees. The wood from the California Walnut goes by the name Claro Walnut. It is beautiful to carve and turn.

Juglans californica, California Walnut

Foliage of Juglans californica - California Walnut. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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