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Isomeris arborea ~ Bladderpod (syn. Cleome arborea)

Isomeris arborea is one of those plants that you can plant and mostly leave to its own devices. The Bladderpod grows well without additional irrigation in all but the driest of gardens near the coast once established.  Some infrequent Summer irrigation is likely for inland gardens for the Bladder Pod to look good.  Warm season irrigation should be provided between heat waves, and is best with a slow deep soaking.  Isomeris arborea is more likely to be killed by the good intentions of over watering gardeners than by drought.  Bladderpod grows 3-4 feet tall and wide from the coastal bluffs to the margins of the desert.  Isomeris arborea flowers from Winter into early Spring.  With such distinctive fruits it only seems right that the Bladderpod often has a few seedlings nearby.   The foliage is quite pungent and plants might be kept back from walkways for genteel noses.   Isomeris arborea is Winter hardy into the mid teens.

High resolution photos of Isomeris arborea are part of our garden image collection.

Isomeris arborea, Bladderpod 

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