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Eremophila maculata * spotted emu bush

Spotted Emu Bush is a survivor.  I planted the first Eremophila maculata I found from a 5 gallon pot.  It was merrily blooming in the dead of winter.  My dog, soon to be infamous, dug the plant up and drug it about the yard.  By the time I found it all that was left was a rootball the size of a 1 gallon pot.  I planted that and it bloomed merrily for several months before the dog renewed his digging in this location.  He trotted off with the plant again.  Upon returning from work I noticed the pit where a plant should be.  Upon walking about the yard I found a small chewed plant with maybe a few leaves on it and a rootball the size of a 2" liner.  I planted it and spoke with it in most encouraging terms.  It rewarded me by coming back and growing.   Several months later the dog gave me a new pit.  I searched the yard but could not find the plant this time.  All future plants of this variety have been planted out of the reach of that dog. 

Eremophila maculata bloomed through the coldest period that we have encountered here.   We got down to 16° F on successive nights.  The plant was undeterred.   Then there are the flowers.  They are an ornate spotted red.  The 1.5" lanceolate leaves are an apple  green.  The plant is tidy and 4-6' in diameter.  It is a great on for the low maintenance garden, unless there is a dog with a penchant for digging.

Eremophila maculata 

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