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Eomecon chionantha ~ Snow Poppy, Chinese Bloodroot

Eomecon chionantha is a woodland perennial from China. The Snow Poppy grows a bit more than a foot tall with flowers that extend above the rounded green leaves. Eomecon chionantha has four petaled white flowers with prominent yellow stamens. The Chinese Bloodroot oozes red if you pinch the roots. Eomecon chionantha spreads rather aggressively in moist well drained soil. The Snow Poppy will go deciduous or worse in a drought. Eomecon chionantha blooms from late Winter through Spring. Eomecon chionantha is Winter hardy below temperatures we are likely to see, low single digits F.

Eomecon chionantha, Snow Poppy, Chinese Bloodroot

White flowers with yellow anthers, and foliage of Eomecon chionantha - Snow Poppy, Chinese Bloodroot. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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