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Dendromecon rigida ~ Bush Poppy

Dendromecon rigida is a dependable source of early Spring color. The Bush Poppy blooms from mid Winter through Spring and usually has a few flowers much of the rest of the year. Dendromecon rigida grows in an upright fashion, typically to about 8 feet and about half that width. Like most natives Dendromecon rigida will only tolerate infrequent deep Summer irrigation. The plants are not dense enough to be a good screening plant but have striking enough flowers to use as a specimen. Dendromecon rigidia, makes a more spectacular show in the Spring. Dendromecon harfordii, the Island Bush Poppy blooms almost continously.

High resolution photos of Dendromecon rigida are part of our garden image collection.

Dendromecon rigida, Bush Poppy