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Dendromecon harfordii ~ Island Bush Poppy

Dendromecon harfordii is a longer blooming and larger flowered relative of the Bush Poppy, Dendromecon rigida, and has been separated out as a species in its own right. Dendromecon harfordii is a dependable source of early Spring color. The Bush Poppy blooms from mid Winter through Spring and usually has a few flowers much of the rest of the year. Dendromecon harfordii grows with a bit of a weeping aspect, with branches reaching out 8 feet or more. Like most natives Dendromecon harfordii will only tolerate infrequent deep Summer irrigation. The plants are not dense enough to be a good screening plant but have striking enough flowers to use as a specimen.

High resolution photos of Dendromecon harfordii are part of our garden image collection.

Dendromecon harfordii, Island Bush Poppy