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Crassula perforata ~ String of Buttons

Crassula perforata, the String of Buttons grows well in pots or in the ground if it has decent drainage. Crassula perforata is native to South Africa where it grows in rock crevices. Crassula has small triangular stacked leaves giving it great fine texture in the garden. Small white flowers bloom Summer into Fall. Crassula perforata grows to 10" and will trail if allowed. Crassula perforata is easily propagated by cuttings or air layering. Crassula perforata grows in full sun or shade and is quite drought tolerant when tested, though it looks much better with weekly water. Crassula falcata is Winter hardy into the mid 20°s for brief periods. The various selections of Crassula perforata vary from green to nearly white often with reddish markings on the margins of the leaves.

Crassula perforata, String of Buttons

Triangular leaves and stacked foliage of Crassula perforata - String of Buttons. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.