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Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly * Phoebis sennae

The Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly is native to the Southern part of the US East and West Coast. Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly is one of the larger yellow Sulfur Butterflies with wingspans of 2-3". The Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly is often very busy in the garden rarely seeming to rest. The caterpillar host is the Senna or Cassia. The adult Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly feed on a wide variety of tubular flowers, see the list below. The male is mostly yellow with the pairs of patches. The femaile more variable in color from white to yellow with a dark wing margin. The Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly is a common visitor to the butterfly garden. The Cloudless Sulfur Butterflies were steady visitors to the flowers of this planting of Justicia leonardii.

Cloudless Sulfur Male

A male Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly on Justicia leonardii. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Plants to attract the California Dogface Butterfly to your garden :
Arbutus unedo
Arctostaphylos Howard McMinn
Arctostaphylos insularis
Arctostaphylos Pacific Mist
Aster chilensis
Beloperone californica
Bougainvillea Barbara Karst
Bougainvillea Flame
Bougainvillea Rosenka
Caesalpinia californica
Caesalpinia gilliesii
Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Cassia artemisioides (host food)
Cassia leptophylla (host food)
Centaurea gymnocarpa
Centaurea montana
Cirsium occidentale
Convolvulus sabatius
Dicliptera suberecta
Duranta erecta
Encelia californica
Encelia farinosa
Erigeron argentatus
Erigeron Bountiful
Erigeron karvinskianus
Erigeron Sea Breeze
Erigeron speciosus
Erigeron Wayne Roderick
Evolvulus nuttallianus
Hibiscus lasiocarpos
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Justicia californica
Justicia Fruit Salad
Justicia Jambalaya
Justicia leonardii
Justicia rizzinii
Justicia suberecta
Lavandula dentata, Lavandula dentata candicans
Lavandula Fred Boutin
Lavandula Goodwin Creek Grey
Lavandula Grosso
Lavandula heterophylla
Lavandula multifida
Lavandula pinnata buchii
Lavandula Provence
Lavatera assurgentiflora
Lavatera bicolor
Lavatera purisima
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia laxiflora
Malacothamnus davidsonii
Malacothamnus fasciculatus
Monardella lanceolata
Monardella odoratissima
Pavonia missionum
Pavonia praemorsa
Pentas lanceolata
Pentas Pearl White
Rudbeckia Tiger Eye
Ruellia brittoniana
Salvia Allen Chickering
Salvia brandegeei
Salvia carduacea
Salvia Celestial Blue
Salvia clevelandii
Salvia coahuilensis
Salvia Desperado
Salvia dorrii
Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucantha Danielle's Dream
Salvia leucantha Midnight
Salvia leucantha Santa Barbara
Salvia leucophylla
Salvia mellifera
Salvia Pozo Blue
Salvia spathacea
Salvia Terra Seca
Salvia Winnifred Gilman
Senna artemesioides (host food)
Symphyotrichum chilense
Trichostema lanatum
Trichostema Midnight Magic
Venegasia carpesioides