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Ceanothus Centennial * California Lilac

Ceanothus Centennial is the most tidy selection of the prostrate California Lilac's I have seen. The Ceanothus centennial leaves are smooth and clean. These California Lilac's stay under a foot tall and spread to 4 feet or so. Ceanothus centennial produces its blue flowers a little later than many of the other Ceanothus, for us that is in the early-mid spring, where many Ceanothus are almost done blooming by then. Ceanothus centennial has performed well with Winter temperatures dipping into the low to mid teens. Ceanothus Centennial is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar.

High resolution photos of Ceanothus Centennial are part of our garden image collection.

Ceanothus Centennial

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