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Achillea millefolium lanulosa * Mountain Yarrow

Achillea lanulosa is an enthusiastic addition to the garden. The plant taxonomy generally considers the Mountain Yarrow to be included with Achillea millefolium no longer even carrying subspecies characterization. Achillea lanulosa was considered to be distinguished by having more narrow leaves. The Mountain Yarrow would be found in the yellow pine forest. The finely dissected green leaves form a dense mat, the flowers rise up on 6"-8" stalks. The white flowers have a wonderful crinkled look. The fragrant foliage has medicinal properties, if taking this plant for medical use care should be taken. Achillea millefolium lanulosa grows in its native habitat up to 8,000 feet in moist locations. Achillea millefolium lanulosa is a great addition to the Butterfly Garden attracting the Variable Checkerspot and Painted Lady Butterflies.

Achillea millefolium lanulosa, Mountain Yarrow

Flowers and foliage of Achillea millefolium lanulosa the Mountain Yarrow.