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Salvia discolor ~ Andean Silver Leaf Sage

Salvia discolor is a dry growing plant, a perfect fit for the drought tolerant garden. The Andean Silver Leaf Sage is native to Peru.  I have rotted the roots off Salvia discolor in several gardens by putting it into too wet of an irrigation zone.   The contrast of the nearly black flower and the white calyxes is astounding.  The stems are a little floppy and very sticky.  Salvia discolor  should be planted back from a pathway so the gunk does not get onto apparel and stems don't get broken.  No plants have been damaged by cold yet and I have grown them where it got to 20 degrees. I have had difficulty locating it in the nurseries with any regularity but it is always a pleasant find when I do. The Andean Silver Leaf Sage is great for its cut flowers.  Salvia discolor is a good choice for the hummingbird garden as well as the butterfly garden.


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Salvia discolor 

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