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David Austin Roses and English Roses

The coming of the David Austin Roses or English Roses to the America's gardens has vastly increased the popularity of all roses and particularly of old garden roses. People who were not 'rose' people have been captivated by the variety of shapes, colors, and, most importantly, scents of these modern hybrids that David Austin has created. This increased popularity has inspired a number of other rose growers to hybridize in this same style. The end result is a much more diverse rose palate. More choices are always a pleasure to a garden designer. Roses are often relegated to the "rose garden", I like them mixed into the rest of the garden.

Other rose growers have started to produce great roses that have the old garden rose character. And they have produced some high quality roses. The Meilland Company in France has made a big push into the market lately with some excellent roses. These are marketed under the Romantica Rose heading.

The English Roses and Romantica Roses can be found spanning arches, espaliered against walls and fences, or even leaping up into trees. They are often big enough to be a component of a mixed hedge or screen or used as a climbing rose. There are also a numberof David Austin Roses that are tame enough to put in a small space. There is such a wide range of characteristics that it is dangerous to typecast them. While many of the heritage roses bloom only once a year, most of these English Roses bloom repeatedly. In my Southern California climate some of these roses are nearly everblooming while others produce waves of bloom. The sizes that are listed in most references are often much smaller than the my plants have turned out to be. I have listed the names that I have found in books, in gardens, in nurseries, on the web, and in catalogs. I have provided pictures of the ones that I have seen, and given garden information about the ones that I have experience with. Click here to learn about pruning these roses.

When pruning roses the only tools I use are a pair of felco #8 pruners and a small pruning saw. I have also put links for lefty pruners and pruners for people with small hands. I spend a lot of time with pruners in my hand, and I demand the highest quality tools. I get that with my felco's.

Abraham Darby (rich apricot) 1985
Admired Miranda (pale yellow) 1983
Ambridge Rose (pale pink) 1990
Belle Story (pale pink) 1984
Barbara Austin (blush pink) 1997
Bibi Mazoon (pink) 1989
Bow Bells (pink)
Bredon (pale yellow) 1984
Brother Cadfael (pale pink) 1990
Canterbury (pink, yellow blush) 1969
Cardinal Hume (red) 1984
Cesar (dark pink to yellow) 1995
Charles Austin (orange yellow) 1973
Charles Rennie MacIntosh (pink) 1988
Charlotte (yellow) 1993
Charmain (rich pink) 1982
Chaucer (pale pink) 1970
Chianti (deep crimson) 1967
Claudia Cardinale (rich yellow) 1997
Claire Rose (pale pink) 1986
Constance Spry (pink) 1961
Cottage Rose (pink) 1991
Country Living (pink cup) 1991
Cressida (apricot blend) 1983
Cymbaline (double grey pink) 1982
Dapple Dawn (pink to white semidouble) 1983
Dove (ivory) 1984
Dr. Jackson (single crimson) 1987
Eglantine (pure pink) 1994
Ellen (apricot pink) 1984
Emanuel (pale pink) 1985
Emily (blush pink) 1992
English Elegance (salmon) 1986
English Garden (apricot) 1986
English Sachet (pale pink) 2000
English Violet (violet)
Evelyn (apricot) 1991
Fair Bianca (white) 1982
Finanacial Times Centenary (pink)1989
Fisherman's Friend (crimson) 1987
Francine Austin (white) 1988
Gertrude Jekyll (rich pink) 1986
Glamis Castle (white) 1992
Graham Thomas (butter yellow) 1983
Golden Celebration (clear yellow) 1992
Happy Child (strong yellow) 1993
Heather Austin (deep pink) 1996
Heavenly Rosalind (salmon) 1995
Heritage (pink blush) 1984
Hero (pink) 1982
Huntington Hero (apricot) 1995
Hilda Murrell (dark pink) 1984
Imortal Juno 1983
Jaquenetta (semidouble apricot) 1983
Jayne Austin (butterscotch) 1990
John Clare (light crimson) 1994
Jude the Obscure (pale yellow) 1994
Kathryn Morley (pale pink) 1990
L.D. Braithwaite (dark red) 1988
Leander (dark apricot) 1982
Leonardo da Vinci (dark pink)
Lilac Rose (lilac pink) 1990
Lilian Austin (dark pink to yellow) 1973
Lordly Oberon (pale apricot) 1982
Lucetta (apricot-pink) 1983
Malvern Hills (cl apricot yellow) 2000
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Marinette (creamy pink) 1995
Martine Guillot (blush apricot) 1977
Mary Rose (dark pink) 1983
Mary Webb (pale yellow) 1984
Mayor of Castorbridge (soft pink) 1996
Mistress Quickly (clear pink flowers) 1995
Molineux (clear yellow) 1994
Moonbeam (pale apricot) 1983
Morning Mist (salmon) 1996
Noble Antony (crimson) 1995
Othello (red) 1986
Pat Austin (copper yellow) 1995
Paul Bocuse (apricot)
Peach Blossom (pale pink) 1990
Pegasus (apricot yellow) 1995
Perdita (apricot yellow) 1983
Potter & Moore (pink) 1988
Pretty Jessica (pink) 1983
Prospero (red) 1982
Proud Titania (pale yellow) 1983
Queen Nefertiti (apricot yellow blend) 1988
Radio Times (rich pink)
Red Coat (red) 1973
Redoute (light pink) 1992
St. Cecilia (pale apricot) 1987
St. Swithun (pink) 1993
Scepter'd Isle (pink) 1996
Sharifa Asma (pink to yellow) 1989
Shropshire Lass (single pale apricot) 1968
Shropshire Ladd (cl apricot) 1996
Sir Clough (dark pink) 1983
Sir Edward Elgar (lavender crimson) 1992
Sir Walter Raleigh (pink) 1985
Snow Goose (white climber) 1996
Sonia Rykiel (coral pink) 1995
Sophy's Rose
Swan (buff white) 1987
Sweet Juliet (pink) 1989
Symphony (medium yellow) 1986
Tamora (apricot) 1983
The Alexandra Rose (pale apricot) 1992
The Countryman (rich pink) 1987
The Dark Lady (crimson) 1991
The Friar (ivory) 1969
The Herbalist (deep pink semi-double) 1991
The Knight (red) 1969
The Miller
The Nun (ivory) 1987
The Pilgrim (apricot yellow) 1991
The Prince (red) 1990
The Prioress (white) 1969
The Reeve (pink) 1979
The Squire (dark red) 1977
The Yeoman (apricot pink) 1969
Tradescant (red) 1993
Trevor Griffiths (dusky pink) 1994
Troillus (pale apricot) 1983
Victorian Spice (light pearl pink) 2000
Warwick Castle (pink) 1986
Wenlock (red) 1984
Wife of Bath (pink) 1969
Wild Flower (pale yellow) 1986
William Shakespear (crimson) 1987
Winchester Cathedral (white) 1988
Wind Rush (single lemon yellow) 1984
Wise Portia (deep pink) 1982
Yellow Button (yellow) 1975
Yellow Charles Austin ( yellow) 1981

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