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A Fishy Fountain

A small water garden can have a huge impact on a garden. I thought a few of our ideas on water garden design would be helpful in making your water garden a success. The clients wanted a circular fountain. Then they found this pair of fishes. We couldn't get them to look their best inside the fountain spitting as far as they should. So we gave them a post on the edge and filled a pot with flowers and let them spit from there. The wall of the fountain is 16" above ground level. This is a good height for a seat. We had some trouble with sealing the inside. Even with multiple coats of sealant the pond still slowly leaked around the edges of the rocks and through a crack in one of them. The next fountain made of rock like this will have a smooth coat of concrete on the inside of the outside wall of rocks that can be sealed. Then the inside rocks can be laid without concern for leakage and they can keep their natural surface exposed.

Fishy Fountain, Water spouting fish spray into a pond